About us

Vector AMS is fully owned subsidiary of Vector Limited

Vector has been operating in New Zealand for over 100 years and is New Zealand's largest energy infrastructure company. Vector has assets of NZ$5.8 billion – these include the Auckland electricity network serving 540,000 customers; gas distribution networks serving over 160,000 customers; fibre-optic communications networks, LPG processing and distribution assets handling over 200,000 tonnes annually, natural gas processing facilities, solar PV products, and gas, electricity and water metering and data services.

Vector has mixed ownership with the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust the major shareholder and the remaining shares publicly traded on the New Zealand Stock Exchange, where it is one of the top 15 companies by market capitalisation. Vector is rated BBB by Standard & Poors.

Vector has a long history in metering through its ownership of Stream and the Natural Gas Corporation of New Zealand prior to the establishment of Vector AMS.

The Vector Limited Executive Team

The Vector Group is managed by a team committed to delivering world-class infrastructure services and attuned to the rapidly evolving demands of our customers.

The Vector Limited Board of Directors

Find out more about our Board of Directors, headed by the Board Chair Michael Stiassny, here.