Gas metering

Vector Advanced Metering Services (Vector AMS) provides a wide range of expert services in gas metering and measurement. The services range from the design, fabrication, supply, installation and maintenance of gas measurement systems for residential properties through to large industrial metering solutions.

With over 30 years' experience in gas metering, Vector AMS successfully provides end-to-end gas metering services from gas meters, including the design, safety planning and risk assessment through to the lifetime care and maintenance of metering systems.

Vector AMS is trialling smart gas meters as technological advances begin to offer gas retailers and their customers many of the benefits advanced meters have already provided to the electricity sector.  The new technology gives gas retailers and their customers more accurate information about daily consumption, allowing retailers to develop new products and services adapted to customer's needs.  The meters also allow remote disconnection and meter reading, saving gas retailers time and money.

Vector AMS currently have over 210,000 gas meters installed throughout New Zealand which help customers access and manage their energy usage more efficiently. We also assist energy retailers with compliance responsibilities. 

Some benefits our customers have identified through the use of our gas meter services include;

  • Our development of bespoke solutions
  • We provide and install hardware
  • Our strong technical experience and ability
  • Continued management of the meter, including installation and maintenance