Our customers

Smart meters are the future for metering solutions and add value in many ways. Vector AMS' smart metering infrastructure uses best of breed technology, designed with the future needs of the electricity industry in mind. Through the deployment of smart meters our customers including energy retailers and network companies consistently receive accurate metered data. This allows them to develop new products and services adapted to their customers' needs. The meters also allow remote services including disconnection and meter reading, saving our customers time and money.

Vector AMS provides a future proof service enabling AMI infrastructure flexible enough to allow customisation and meet future customers' requirements.

Our AMI services offer our customers the ability to:

  • Utilise itemised data for improving consumer services and utility business management
  • Reduce operational costs by removing need for meter readers at customer sites and improve safety records
  • Improve customer satisfaction with actual meter reads
  • Manage cashflow more effectively
  • Improve data availability for the end consumer
  • Identify outages more accurately
  • Reduce calls to call centre through:
    • More accurate and on-time monthly billing
    • Eliminating estimated reads
    • Provision of detailed information daily
    • Greater availability of information.