Who we are

Vector AMS is Australasia's leading independent provider of metering and smart metering services, providing electricity metering services to over 1,000,000 premises and gas metering services to over 210,000 premises. Vector AMS is an AEMO registered Metering Coordinator (VECTORMC), AEMO accredited Metering Data Provider (VECTOMDP), category D for metering installations type 3 and 4 and an AEMO accredited Metering Provider (VECTORMP), category B for metering installations type 3A, 4M and L.

Vector AMS led the market transition to smart metering in New Zealand. We operate an end-to-end smart metering service offering to energy retailers and distributors. 

Vector AMS has the resources that will allow us to deliver unique customer benefits to the emerging Australian energy market and we want to work with key partners to facilitate the market transition of smart metering into Australia. We are committed to establishing a strong footprint in the Australian market.